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St. Catherine FA (13526)

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13 West FC 42 
2Above Rocks FC 58 
3Albion FC 209 
4Angels United 320 
5Arlington FC    (inactive)86 
6Beacon Hill United FC 153 
7Benberry FC    (inactive)106 
8Benbow United FC 177 
9Black Lion FC 343 
10Black Survivor FC    (inactive)0 
11Blackpool FC 142 
12Bodles FC 287 
13Braeton FC 120 
14Breaton FC 110 
15Bridgeport FC 108 
16Bridgeport United FC    (inactive)13 
17Burrell United FC    (inactive)0 
18Caymanas Gardens FC 102 
19Cedar Grove Estate 186 
20Charlemount FC    (inactive)46 
21Christian Pen FC 193 
22Church Pen FC 114 
23Clifton FC    (inactive)20 
24Commodore FC    (inactive)13 
25Cools Sport FC    (inactive)1 
26Cumberland FC 296 
27D.B.Basovak FC 299 
28Daytona FC 212 
29Dela Vega FC 277 
30Dunbeholden FC 197 
31East Portmore Portals FC 333 
32Edgewater FC 187 
33Eltham Park FC 283 
34Ensome FC 325 
35Ewarton FC 203 
36F.C Technical 46 
37F.C. Diablo FC 38 
38Farm United 72 
39Federal FC 328 
40Flamingo FC 178 
41Fraser's Whip FC 266 
42Garvey Meade F.C 89 
43GC Foster 108 
44Greater Portmore United 73 
45Hellshire FC 130 
46Independence City FC    (inactive)50 
47Invaders FC    (inactive)21 
48Island Farm FC    (inactive)61 
49Jew Pen FC    (inactive)19 
50Knollis FC 88 
51Luidasvale FC 104 
52Magazine Lane FC    (inactive)9 
53Marcus Garvey United 212 
54McCook Pen FC 196 
55McGrath Mystic FC    (inactive)19 
56McKay Raiders FC 253 
57Meadows FC 163 
58Monza United FC    (inactive)16 
59Mount Diablo FC    (inactive)0 
60Naggo`s Head FC 200 
61National Irrigation FC    (inactive)1 
62Newlands FC 132 
63Old Harbour Bay Utd 276 
64Palm United FC    (inactive)24 
65Passage Fort FC    (inactive)43 
66Pen Acre FC    (inactive)48 
67Police FC 254 
68Portmore Gardens FC    (inactive)4 
69Portmore Strickers FC 10 
70Portmore United FC 205 
71Portsmouth FC 209 
72Queens Park United FC    (inactive)28 
73Racing FC 214 
74Railway FC 92 
75Ravensworth FC    (inactive)25 
76Redwood FC    (inactive)18 
77Reids Penn FC 4 
78Rivoli United FC 258 
79Rodwood FC 152 
80Rosemount FC    (inactive)27 
81Royal Lakes FC 245 
82SC Monarchs 2 
83Shenton Connection FC 59 
84Silverstone Sports Club 31 
85Sligoville FC 135 
86Southborough FC 80 
87Spanish Town All Stars    (inactive)0 
88Spring Village FC 203 
89St. Catherine North    (inactive)22 
90St. John United    (inactive)28 
91Starlight PYC 91 
92Sunbeam Childrens Home    (inactive)16 
93Sydennham Cottage FC    (inactive)24 
94Time & Patience FC 99 
95Top Shelf FC    (inactive)0 
96Travellers FC 113 
97Treadway FC    (inactive)36 
98Tredegor Park FC 192 
99Tru Juice FC 178 
100Tryall Heights FC    (inactive)57 
101Upfront United 49 
102Vibes House United FC    (inactive)9 
103Village Lynx FC 163 
104Wakefield FC    (inactive)22 
105Walks Road United FC    (inactive)42 
106Wanderes FC 97 
107Waterford FC 154 
108Waterloo FC    (inactive)41 
109Watson Grove FC 157 
110West Port FC 186 
111Westchester FC 225 
112Willodwale FC    (inactive)124 
113Windsor Lions FC 322 

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