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St. Catherine FA (13493)

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Division One 2018/2019

Round M# Date Home vs Away Time        
1112/7/2018Racing FC4 - 0Braeton FC04:00 PMstats 
1212/7/2018Police FC2 - 1D.B.Basovak FC06:00 PMstats 
1312/8/2018McCook Pen FC3 - 1Tredegor Park FC03:00 PMstats 
1412/8/2018Ewarton FC2 - 1Benbow United FC03:00 PMstats 
1512/8/2018Naggo`s Head FC2 - 2Watson Grove FC03:00 PMstats 
1612/8/2018Windsor Lions FC1 - 1Beacon Hill United FC03:00 PMstats 
2712/13/2018Braeton FC0 - 0Ewarton FC03:00 PMstats 
2812/13/2018Racing FC1 - 0Police FC03:00 PMstats 
2912/15/2018Tredegor Park FC1 - 0Naggo`s Head FC03:00 PMstats 
21012/15/2018Windsor Lions FC2 - 1McCook Pen FC03:00 PMstats 
21112/16/2018D.B.Basovak FC0 - 2Watson Grove FC03:00 PMstats 
21212/16/2018Benbow United FC0 - 0Beacon Hill United FC03:00 PMstats 
31312/22/2018Naggo`s Head FC0 - 0Benbow United FC03:00 PMstats 
31412/22/2018Beacon Hill United FC0 - 1Ewarton FC04:00 PMstats 
31512/22/2018Windsor Lions FC3 - 2D.B.Basovak FC06:00 PMstats 
31612/22/2018Watson Grove FC2 - 2Racing FC03:00 PMstats 
31712/22/2018Tredegor Park FC1 - 1Police FC03:00 PMstats 
31812/23/2018McCook Pen FC2 - 2Braeton FC03:00 PMstats 
4191/4/2019D.B.Basovak FC0 - 0Tredegor Park FC03:00 PMstats 
4201/5/2019Braeton FC1 - 0Beacon Hill United FC03:00 PMstats 
4221/5/2019Naggo`s Head FC2 - 0Windsor Lions FC03:00 PMstats 
4231/5/2019Benbow United FC0 - 0McCook Pen FC03:00 PMstats 
4241/6/2019Ewarton FC0 - 0Racing FC03:00 PMstats 
4211/12/2019Police FC0 - 1Watson Grove FC03:00 PMstats 
5251/10/2019Police FC5 - 1Windsor Lions FC03:00 PMstats 
5261/10/2019Watson Grove FC1 - 2Tredegor Park FC03:00 PMstats 
5271/11/2019Racing FC2 - 2Beacon Hill United FC04:00 PMstats 
5281/12/2019Braeton FC1 - 1Naggo`s Head FC03:00 PMstats 
5291/13/2019McCook Pen FC0 - 0Ewarton FC03:00 PMstats 
5301/13/2019D.B.Basovak FC2 - 0Benbow United FC03:00 PMstats 
6311/18/2019Windsor Lions FC1 - 3Watson Grove FC03:00 PMstats 
6321/18/2019D.B.Basovak FC3 - 0Braeton FC04:00 PMstats 
6331/19/2019Police FC4 - 0Benbow United FC03:00 PMstats 
6341/19/2019Ewarton FC1 - 0Naggo`s Head FC03:00 PMstats 
6351/20/2019Beacon Hill United FC1 - 0McCook Pen FC03:00 PMstats 
6361/20/2019Tredegor Park FC0 - 4Racing FC03:00 PMstats 
7372/7/2019Watson Grove FC1 - 2Ewarton FC03:30 PMstats 
7382/7/2019Tredegor Park FC1 - 1Braeton FC03:30 PMstats 
7392/7/2019Beacon Hill United FC0 - 3Police FC03:00 PMstats 
7402/7/2019McCook Pen FC1 - 1D.B.Basovak FC03:30 PMstats 
7412/7/2019Windsor Lions FC3 - 0Benbow United FC03:30 PM  
7422/7/2019Racing FC4 - 1Naggo`s Head FC03:30 PMstats 
8482/8/2019D.B.Basovak FC1 - 0Beacon Hill United FC03:30 PMstats 
8432/14/2019Naggo`s Head FC2 - 4McCook Pen FC03:30 PMstats 
8442/14/2019Braeton FC0 - 3Watson Grove FC03:30 PMstats 
8452/14/2019Windsor Lions FC1 - 2Racing FC03:30 PMstats 
8462/14/2019Police FC3 - 2Ewarton FC03:30 PMstats 
8472/14/2019Benbow United FC1 - 1Tredegor Park FC03:30 PMstats 
9492/21/2019Braeton FC0 - 3Police FC03:30 PMstats 
9502/21/2019Beacon Hill United FC1 - 3Naggo`s Head FC03:30 PMstats 
9512/21/2019Tredegor Park FC2 - 2Windsor Lions FC03:30 PMstats 
9522/21/2019Racing FC0 - 1McCook Pen FC03:30 PMstats 
9532/21/2019Benbow United FC2 - 4Watson Grove FC03:30 PMstats 
9542/21/2019Ewarton FC1 - 1D.B.Basovak FC03:30 PMstats 
10552/28/2019Benbow United FC2 - 2Racing FC03:30 PMstats 
10562/28/2019D.B.Basovak FC1 - 1Naggo`s Head FC03:30 PMstats 
10572/28/2019Braeton FC1 - 0Windsor Lions FC03:30 PMstats 
10582/28/2019Police FC5 - 0McCook Pen FC03:30 PMstats 
10592/28/2019Ewarton FC0 - 0Tredegor Park FC03:30 PMstats 
10602/28/2019Watson Grove FCNPBeacon Hill United FC03:30 PM  
11602/28/2019Watson Grove FC0 - 3Beacon Hill United FC03:30 PMstats 
11613/6/2019McCook Pen FC3 - 1Watson Grove FC03:30 PMstats 
11623/6/2019Beacon Hill United FC2 - 3Tredegor Park FC03:30 PMstats 
11633/6/2019Racing FC0 - 1D.B.Basovak FC03:30 PMstats 
11643/6/2019Naggo`s Head FC0 - 2Police FC03:30 PMstats 
11653/6/2019Ewarton FC1 - 0Windsor Lions FC03:30 PMstats 
11663/6/2019Benbow United FC1 - 1Braeton FC03:30 PMstats 
Quarter Finals
12673/17/2019Ewarton FC0 - 0McCook Pen FC03:00 PMstats 
12683/17/2019Watson Grove FC2 - 3D.B.Basovak FC06:00 PMstats 
12693/21/2019D.B.Basovak FC3 - 0Watson Grove FC04:00 PMstats 
12703/21/2019McCook Pen FC1 - 0Ewarton FC06:00 PMstats 
Semi Finals
13713/29/2019McCook Pen FC0 - 0Police FC04:00 PMstats 
13723/29/2019D.B.Basovak FC2 - 0Racing FC06:00 PMstats 
13734/5/2019Racing FC3 - 0D.B.Basovak FC04:00 PMstats 
13744/5/2019Police FC3 - 0McCook Pen FC06:00 PMstats 
14754/19/2019Police FC2 - 1Racing FC04:00 PMstats 




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