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# Pic Name   Count
 1Tivoli Gardens FCKSAFA878
 2Cavalier SCKSAFA730
 3Boy`s Town FCKSAFA730
 4Duhaney Park FCKSAFA729
 5Molynes United FCKSAFA642
 6Cedar Grove EstateSt. Catherine FA635
 7Harbour View FCKSAFA635
 8McKay Raiders FCSt. Catherine FA633
 9Arnett Gardens FCKSAFA631
 10Dunbeholden FCSt. Catherine FA625
 11Red Hills United FCKSAFA603
 12Constant Spring FCKSAFA594
 13Royal Lakes FCSt. Catherine FA571
 14Villa United Manchester FA569
 15Wanderes FCSt. Catherine FA553
 16Southborough FCSt. Catherine FA549
 17West Port FCSt. Catherine FA547
 18Baptista AllaianceSt.Thomas FA543
 19Knollis FCSt. Catherine FA539
 20Christian Pen FCSt. Catherine FA537
 21Travellers FCSt. Catherine FA536
 22McGrath Mystic FCSt. Catherine FA536
 23Portmore United FCSt. Catherine FA529
 24Cooreville Gardens FCKSAFA523
 25Magazine Lane FCSt. Catherine FA515
 26Starlight PYCSt. Catherine FA512
 27Old Harbour Bay UtdSt. Catherine FA505
 28Olympic Gardens FCKSAFA503
 29Albion UnitedManchester FA501
 30F.C TechnicalSt. Catherine FA498
 31Tryall Heights FCSt. Catherine FA497
 33Island Farm FCSt. Catherine FA492
 34Club Stars FCSt. James FA491
 35Watson Grove FCSt. Catherine FA490
 36Barrett TownSt. James FA488
 37Pen Acre FCSt. Catherine FA488
 38Walks Road United FCSt. Catherine FA486
 39Angels UnitedSt. Catherine FA486
 40Bull Bay FCKSAFA486
 41Willodwale FCSt. Catherine FA482
 42Maldon FCSt. James FA482
 43Naggo`s Head FCSt. Catherine FA481
 44Los Perfectos FCManchester FA480
 45Greenwich Town FCKSAFA480
 46Seaview Gardens FCKSAFA478
 47Rosemount FCSt. Catherine FA477
 48Benbow United FCSt. Catherine FA471
 49Cools Sport FCSt. Catherine FA471
 50Dela Vega FCSt. Catherine FA470
 51Federal FCSt. Catherine FA468
 52Treadway FCSt. Catherine FA467
 53Black Star FCClarendon FA466
 54Spring Village FCSt. Catherine FA466
 55Waterhouse FCKSAFA465
 56August Town FCKSAFA464
 57Racing FCSt. Catherine FA463
 58Greenvale UnitedManchester FA458
 59Heartease Youth ClubSt.Thomas FA458
 60Barbican FCKSAFA456
 61Farm UnitedSt. Catherine FA456
 62Flamingo FCSt. Catherine FA455
 63Somerton FCSt. James FA451
 64Pembroke Hall FCKSAFA449
 65Westchester FC St. Catherine FA444
 66Newlands FCSt. Catherine FA443
 67Fraser's Whip FCSt. Catherine FA443
 68Church Pen FCSt. Catherine FA443
 69Above Rocks FCSt. Catherine FA443
 70Irwing FCSt. James FA440
 71All Star S & Y.CTrelawny FA439
 72Kempshot FCSt. James FA439
 73Newell UnitedSt. Elizabeth FA438
 74Time & Patience FCSt. Catherine FA438
 75Tru Juice FCSt. Catherine FA436
 76Montego Bay UnitedSt. James FA433
 77East Portmore Portals FCSt. Catherine FA430
 78Central Kingston FCKSAFA429
 79Blue Mountain FCManchester FA428
 80D.B.Basovak FCSt. Catherine FA427
 81Humble Lion FCClarendon FA422
 82Redwood FC St. Catherine FA422
 83Village Lynx FCSt. Catherine FA421
 84Rivoli United FCSt. Catherine FA421
 85Margaritaville SCSt. James FA420
 86New Kingston FCKSAFA420
 87360 Degree YFAManchester FA420
 88Kings Gate FCSt. James FA420
 89Fire House SCSt. James FA419
 90Daytona FCSt. Catherine FA419
 91Alligator Pond SGManchester FA417
 92Vere UnitedClarendon FA415
 93Comfort FCManchester FA412
 94Blackpool FCSt. Catherine FA412
 95Threadlight FCClarendon FA411
 96Santos FCKSAFA409
 97Ewarton FCSt. Catherine FA409
 98St. Bess St. Elizabeth FA409
 99Three Hill FCSt. Mary FA408
 100Portsmouth FCSt. Catherine FA408
 101Bodles FCSt. Catherine FA407
 102Sandals SCWestmoreland FA405
 103Montego Bay United FC U21 St. James FA404
 104New Bowens FCClarendon FA403
 105Breaton FCSt. Catherine FA403
 106Meadforest FCKSAFA402
 107Extra Flex FCWestmoreland FA400
 108Edgewater FCSt. Catherine FA399
 109DC StrikersManchester FA399
 110Brown`s Town FCKSAFA396
 111Ensome FCSt. Catherine FA395
 112Old England FCManchester FA394
 113Vibes House United FCSt. Catherine FA394
 114Arlington FCSt. Catherine FA393
 115Granville CitySt. James FA393
 116Sandstar FCSt.Thomas FA392
 117Wakefield FCSt. Catherine FA391
 118Sam Sharpe TCSt. James FA391
 119York United FCSt.Thomas FA390
 120Mountian Villa FCSt. James FA390
 121Hart StreetSt. James FA389
 122Innercity FCSt. James FA389
 123Liguanea United FCKSAFA387
 124Glendevon FCSt. James FA386
 125Longwood United St. Elizabeth FA386
 126Daniel Town FCTrelawny FA384
 127Mountian View FCKSAFA383
 128Black River Youth ClubSt. Elizabeth FA383
 129St. Catherine NorthSt. Catherine FA382
 130McCook Pen FCSt. Catherine FA382
 131Hellshire FC St. Catherine FA382
 132Waterloo FCSt. Catherine FA379
 133Berrydale SCPortland FA378
 134Rae Town FCKSAFA376
 135Bailey & Bailey's FCClarendon FA374
 136Black Survivor FCSt. Catherine FA374
 137Allied Youth FCManchester FA372
 138Fellowship CCPortland FA372
 139Salt River FCClarendon FA371
 140Police FCSt. Catherine FA370
 141Mandevilla United FCManchester FA370
 142Lysson United FCSt.Thomas FA370
 143Heywood Hall FCSt. Mary FA369
 144Little Brazil FCClarendon FA369
 145Cobbla Gully Strikers Manchester FA369
 146Clifton FCSt. Catherine FA368
 147Claremont FcHanover FA367
 148Hope Bay United FCPortland FA366
 149Railway FCSt. Catherine FA366
 150Brown`s Town UtdSt. Ann FA366
 151Windsor Lions FCSt. Catherine FA365
 152Duanvale FCTrelawny FA365
 153Jamaica Defence ForceKSAFA365
 154Clandon StrikersManchester FA365
 155Reno FCWestmoreland FA365
 156Green Vale AcademyManchester FA364
 157Waterford FCSt. Catherine FA362
 158Eltham Park FCSt. Catherine FA360
 159F.C. Diablo FCSt. Catherine FA360
 160Seba Youths FCSt. James FA359
 161Highgate UnitedSt. Mary FA357
 162Palmento United FCTrelawny FA355
 163M.B.B.CSt. James FA353
 164Gully EMBSt. James FA351
 165Junior StrikersClarendon FA351
 166Gimme-me-bit FCClarendon FA350
 167Maxfield Park FCKSAFA349
 168Downs FCManchester FA348
 169Benfica FCSt. Ann FA348
 170Sporting Atletic FCClarendon FA347
 171Hanbury FCManchester FA347
 172Cottage Pen FC St.Thomas FA346
 173Lucea FCHanover FA346
 174Seaview FCSt. James FA346
 175Portmore Strickers FCSt. Catherine FA345
 176Rio UnitedClarendon FA345
 177Central Florida Kraze (usa)*Foreign Clubs343
 178Allman/Woodford FCKSAFA343
 179Chamber Pen FCWestmoreland FA342
 180Rio Bueno FCTrelawny FA342
 181Hope Village FCManchester FA342
 182Salt Spring RosesSt. James FA342
 183Invaders FCSt. Catherine FA341
 184Belair AcademyManchester FA339
 185Emmanuel StrikersClarendon FA339
 186Bushy Park FCClarendon FA338
 187Burnt Ground PYCSt. Elizabeth FA338
 188Spartan AthleticClarendon FA338
 189Buff Bay UnitedPortland FA336
 190Mobay Boys CCSt. James FA336
 191Race CourseWestmoreland FA335
 192Better Tomorrow FCSt. James FA335
 193Knoxwood Youth ClubSt. Elizabeth FA335
 194Studs FCManchester FA335
 195FC Dalla*Foreign Clubs335
 196Coffalls F.CClarendon FA334
 197NCU President XIManchester FA334
 198Hyper Mistic FCClarendon FA333
 200Heatwave FCTrelawny FA332
 201Eagle Strikers FCPortland FA332
 202Spicy Hill FCTrelawny FA331
 203Port Morant FCSt.Thomas FA330
 204Chatteau ProgressiveClarendon FA330
 205Christiana AcademyManchester FA329
 206Berlin Youth ClubSt.Thomas FA327
 207Holland UnitedTrelawny FA326
 208Milk River United FCClarendon FA326
 209Revelation FCSt. James FA326
 210Exchange Utd.St. Ann FA326
 211Black River Young StrikersSt. Elizabeth FA326
 212Monza United FCSt. Catherine FA324
 213Rambie Youth ClubSt.Thomas FA324
 214Meadows FCSt. Catherine FA323
 215Rockfort FCKSAFA322
 216Naranda FCSt. Ann FA320
 217Catherine Hall FCSt. James FA320
 218Brazil FCSt. Ann FA319
 219Hasty Good UnitedManchester FA319
 220Cumberland FCSt. Catherine FA319
 221Jericho Rangers FCHanover FA319
 222Longville Park FCClarendon FA318
 223MNT Villa FCSt. James FA317
 224Original Hazard FCClarendon FA317
 225Cherry Tree F.CClarendon FA317
 226Shortwood United FCKSAFA317
 227Luidasvale FCSt. Catherine FA317
 228Seaforth FCSt.Thomas FA316
 229Hamilton Mountain Sport ClubSt. Mary FA316
 230Holland PYCSt. Elizabeth FA315
 231Mango Valley FCSt. Mary FA315
 232Queens Park United FCSt. Catherine FA315
 233Treasure Beach United St. Elizabeth FA315
 234Anchovy United FCPortland FA313
 235Comfort FC.Clarendon FA313
 236Georges Valley FCManchester FA313
 237Real Mona FCKSAFA313
 238Braeton FCSt. Catherine FA313
 239New Holland FCSt. Elizabeth FA312
 240Savannah FCWestmoreland FA312
 241Police National FCKSAFA310
 242Greenfield United St. Elizabeth FA309
 243Prospect FCSt.Thomas FA309
 244Alpha United FC*Foreign Clubs309
 245MarlroadSt. James FA308
 246Rio United Sports ClubPortland FA308
 247Three Chains FCManchester FA308
 248Black Diamond FCSt. James FA308
 249Mount Pelier FCSt. James FA307



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