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  #     Name Gender Club Parish Position PIC Age  
 37319   jahMaleBarbican FCKSAFAdefenderNO22
 1323 AARON   andreMaleAllman/Woodford FCKSAFAdefenderNO33
 41404 AARON   andreMaleTivoli Gardens FCKSAFAforwardYES12
 15988(T) AARONS   akeemMalePolice FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES22
 7988 AARONS   albertMaleRockfort FCKSAFAmidfielderYES24
 2534 AARONS   andreMaleMaxfield Park FCKSAFAdefenderYES33
 39490 AARONS   ashanMaleBenbow United FCSt. Catherine FAgoalkeeperYES23
 8299 AARONS   kemarMaleAllman/Woodford FCKSAFAdefenderNO28
 13633(T) AARONS   kemarMaleSwallowfield FCKSAFAdefenderYES32
 29779 AARONS   malikMaleDaytona FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderNO20
 3911(T) AARONS   oshane MaleAlexandra UnitedSt. Ann FAforwardYES27
 4194 ABANKWAH   samuahMaleConstant Spring FCKSAFAdefenderYES30
 6122 ABBOTT   richardMaleNew Kingston FCKSAFAdefenderYES27
 21506(T) ABBOTT   vonwayneMaleMaxfield Park FCKSAFAdefenderYES25
 33961(T) (D)ABBOTT-HILL-SMITH   quanteMaleMontego Bay UnitedSt. James FAUNKNOWNNO25
 21265 ABDUL   martinMaleWillodwale FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES29
 15715 ABDULLA   najayMaleBarbican FCKSAFAmidfielderNO21
 15500 ABEL   michaelMaleOriginal Hazard FCClarendon FAgoalkeeperNO24
 37833 ABLE   nevilleMaleWaterford FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderNO18
 32185 ABLE   nevillegailFemaleGreater Portmore UnitedSt. Catherine FAmidfielderNO17
 16125 ABLE   nicholasMaleChristian Pen FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES25
 29790(T) ABLE   tajayMaleWatson Grove FCSt. Catherine FAforwardNO19
 37549(T) (D)ABOU   jovanMaleAlbion Mountain FCSt. Mary FAUNKNOWNNO29
 9891 ABRAHAM   dowayneMaleWanderes FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES35
 24323 ABRAHAM   duwayneMalePolice FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES31
 26935 ABRAHAM   javardoMaleAugust Town FCKSAFAmidfielderNO25
 10331 ABRAHAM   yohanMaleDunbeholden FCSt. Catherine FAforwardYES36
 42937 ABRAHAMS   adeamMaleCentral Kingston FCKSAFAgoalkeeperYES14
 22456 ABRAHAMS   andreMaleDaytona FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES23
 35512(T) ABRAHAMS   damionMalePortmore United FCSt. Catherine FAgoalkeeperNO15
 36523 ABRAHAMS   danielMaleBarbican FCKSAFAforwardYES16
 3269 ABRAHAMS   marlonMaleTivoli Gardens FCKSAFAforwardNO29
 30847 ABRAHAMS   raheimMaleDuhaney Park FCKSAFAgoalkeeperYES17
 28570 ABRAHAMS   romaineMaleStony Hill FCKSAFAmidfielderNO24
 11315 ABRAHAMS   winstonMaleNewlands FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES38
 19425 ABREGO   rameeshMalePembroke Hall FCKSAFAmidfielderYES24
 9642 ADAIR   dennisMaleFraser's Whip FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES22
 38477 ADAIR   shakurMaleStony Hill FCKSAFAdefenderYES15
 29375 ADAMS   adomaineMaleMandevilla United FCManchester FAforwardNO24
 17536 ADAMS   akeemMaleBodles FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES24
 24124 ADAMS   akeemMaleRacing FCSt. Catherine FAforwardYES30
 21834(T) ADAMS   broscombMaleBlackpool FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES22
 41485 ADAMS   calvinMaleBull Bay FCKSAFAforwardYES22
 27291 ADAMS   chadMaleBarbican FCKSAFAdefenderNO21
 24221 ADAMS   chavesMaleTredegor Park FCSt. Catherine FAforwardYES28
 32554 ADAMS   chevaughnMaleBull Bay FCKSAFAmidfielderNO19
 39312 ADAMS   devaunteMaleRae Town FCKSAFAmidfielderYES11
 18191 ADAMS   fitzroyMaleEltham Park FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES28
 24383(T) ADAMS   jauveMaleAlligator Pond SGManchester FAmidfielderYES27
 8996(T) ADAMS   javianMaleConstant Spring FCKSAFAmidfielderYES19
 4815(T) ADAMS   jevon MaleAllman/Woodford FCKSAFAmidfielderYES23
 32553 ADAMS   kennielMaleBull Bay FCKSAFAforwardYES18
 27170 ADAMS   kevonMaleMarcus Garvey United St. Catherine FAmidfielderYES23
 21140 ADAMS   leroyMaleRivoli United FCSt. Catherine FAforwardYES30
 21364 ADAMS   leworthMaleEltham Park FCSt. Catherine FAforwardYES23
 16962 (D)ADAMS   lyle MaleCentral Florida Kraze (usa)*Foreign ClubsdefenderNO33
 39313 ADAMS   marcMaleRae Town FCKSAFAdefenderYES14
 36832(T) ADAMS   markMaleMountian View FCKSAFAgoalkeeperYES18
 11865(T) ADAMS   rannieseMaleWindsor Lions FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES34
 1356 ADAMS   rayMalePort Royal FCKSAFAdefenderYES44
 28849 ADAMS   rodaineMaleKnowles RD FCManchester FAmidfielderNO27
 5089 ADAMS   rogerMaleSwallowfield FCKSAFAdefenderNO25
 4966 ADAMS   rohanMaleArnett Gardens FCKSAFAforwardYES22
 34307 ADAMS   rohanMaleAugust Town FCKSAFAmidfielderYES22
 13577 ADAMS   seanMaleWest Park FCClarendon FAdefenderNO35
 35343 ADAMS   shakurMaleFraser's Whip FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNYES17
 21718 ADAMS   shaneMaleMeadows FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES32
 23293 ADAMS   trayMalePembroke Hall FCKSAFAforwardYES19
 25097(T) ADAMS   yvadMaleAlligator Pond SGManchester FAmidfielderYES23
 5470 ADAMSON   akeemMaleMountian View FCKSAFAmidfielderNO25
 25928 ADAMSON   bebetoMaleVilla United Manchester FAforwardNO23
 29331(T) ADAMSON   delanoMalePortsmouth FCSt. Catherine FAgoalkeeperYES23
 42542 ADAMSON   fabianMaleEnsome FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNYES17
 42103 ADAMSON   jaromeMaleChristiana AcademyManchester FAmidfielderNO15
 10370 ADAMSON   nigelMaleWanderes FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES30
 27406 ADAMSON   raheimMaleCentral Kingston FCKSAFAforwardNO21
 13625 ADAMSON   rehadMaleMineral Heights F.CClarendon FAdefenderNO36
 20379 ADAMSON   remikieMaleRoyal Lakes FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderNO22
 36843 ADDISON   alexMaleShortwood United FCKSAFAUNKNOWNYES18
 23885 ADDISON   lorenzoMaleNewlands FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES28
 21743 ADDISON   randianMaleNaggo`s Head FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES24
 1002 ADDLERY   nicholasMalePuerto Rico Islanders*Foreign ClubsforwardYES38
 27418 ADEPEGBA   adebowaleMaleEnsome FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES23
 2984 ADLAM   adrianMaleAllman/Woodford FCKSAFAforwardNO30
 14157 (D)ADLAM   alanzoMaleArnett Gardens FCKSAFAUNKNOWNNO30
 2618 ADLAM   alexMaleCooreville Gardens FCKSAFAmidfielderNO30
 16204 ADLAM   damonieMaleCooreville Gardens FCKSAFAdefenderYES24
 40070 ADLAM   jamarMalePolice FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNNO18
 28640 (*) ADLAM   jeromeMaleCooreville Gardens FCKSAFAforwardYES32
 33456 ADLAM   khieriMale3 West FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderNO20
 23588 ADLAM   kimaliMaleBull Bay FCKSAFAmidfielderYES19
 5376 ADLAM   marvinMaleCooreville Gardens FCKSAFAgoalkeeperYES25
 15408(T) ADLAM   travissMaleSantos FCKSAFAmidfielderYES23
 29659(T) ADLAM   willisMalePolice FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES18
 20508 ADLAM   zyahnMaleDaytona FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderNO18
 32388 ADMAN   romeoMaleNew Kingston FCKSAFAdefenderYES20
 40909 ADOLPHUS   kabirMaleTivoli Gardens FCKSAFAgoalkeeperYES13
 39127 ADRIANS   garyMaleConstant Spring FCKSAFAmidfielderYES13
 26797 AFFLICK   claudewellMaleBoundbrook UnitedPortland FAdefenderYES40
 24778(T) AFFLICK   daraneMaleEagle Strikers FCPortland FAmidfielderYES31
 9571 AFFLICK   fabianMaleUjama CCPortland FAmidfielderYES27
 43034 AFFLICK   giovanniMaleCentral Kingston FCKSAFAgoalkeeperYES14
 3270 AFFLICK   kamalMaleHarbour View FCKSAFAgoalkeeperYES29
 34711 AFFLICK   kyleMaleSnowhill CCPortland FAforwardYES21
 10274(T) AFFLICK   radgeMaleSnowhill CCPortland FAforwardYES36
 25331 AFFLICK   tajenoMaleBlue Mountain FCManchester FAmidfielderNO24
 24971(T) AFFLICK   tejenoMaleTechnical StrikersManchester FAforwardYES24
 33922 AFTON   jovonneMaleWaterhouse FCKSAFAdefenderNO19
 4045 AHERBURY   earleMaleRae Town FCKSAFAdefenderNO29
 12943 AICHENSON   real MaleWood Hall FCClarendon FAmidfielderNO29
 1270 AIKEN   ajaMaleUWI FCKSAFAforwardYES32
 3679(T) AIKEN   andreMaleAugust Town FCKSAFAmidfielderNO30
 12658 AIKEN   gregoryMaleFellowship CCPortland FAmidfielderNO27
 41167 AIKEN   jamarieMaleBarbican FCKSAFAUNKNOWNNO10
 41224 AIKEN   jaredMaleConstant Spring FCKSAFAdefenderYES13
 7026 AIKEN   jermaineMaleSeaview Gardens FCKSAFAforwardYES34
 39396 AIKEN   jevonteMaleConstant Spring FCKSAFAforwardYES14
 38989 AIKEN   kevonMaleGreenwich Town FCKSAFAmidfielderYES15
 8805(T) AIKEN   lamarMaleSandals SCWestmoreland FAforwardYES22
 3798(T) AIKENS   andreMaleRockfort FCKSAFAdefenderYES30
 7327 AIKENS   carltonMaleWood Hall FCClarendon FAmidfielderNO40
 19407 AIKENS   paulMaleLysson United FCSt.Thomas FAmidfielderNO33
 41586 AIKMAN   jasonMalePolice National FCKSAFAmidfielderNO26
 25802 AINSLEY   gawayneMaleMandevilla United FCManchester FAdefenderNO30
 39664(T) AINSWORTH   christopherMaleCavalier SCKSAFAmidfielderNO14
 35393 AIRD   kareemMaleNew Kingston FCKSAFAdefenderYES20
 42284 AITCHESON   jevontayeMaleRailway FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNYES17
 42998 AITCHESON   joshuaMaleBlack Lion FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNNO14
 5899(T) AITHINSON   chevaughnMaleFraser's Whip FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES23
 34049 AITKEN   denoMaleStony Hill FCKSAFAdefenderYES34
 35287 AITKEN   dericeMaleEast Portmore Portals FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderNO17
 30997 AITKEN   nickMaleBridgeport FC St. Catherine FAmidfielderNO26
 25675 AITKEN   royanMaleBlue Mountain FCManchester FAmidfielderNO23
 31622 AITKINS   joewayneMaleComfort FCManchester FAmidfielderNO21
 32280 AJAGUNNA   ahmedMaleBarbican FCKSAFAmidfielderNO20
 19728 AJARRIE   lynchMaleOrlando FCClarendon FAgoalkeeperNO36
 14244 (D)AJOBO   lanreMaleHarbour View FCKSAFAUNKNOWNNO29
 39103 AKESON   nalondoMaleEdgewater FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNNO17
 4348 AKINS   vivianMaleSporting CentralClarendon FAgoalkeeperNO28
 24424 ALANZO   hakeemMaleWaterford FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES27
 34550 ALBERGA   davidMaleNew Kingston FCKSAFAdefenderYES39
 34549 ALBERGA   jacobMaleNew Kingston FCKSAFAforwardYES27
 33058 ALBERGA   kevanMaleMaverley/HughendenKSAFAmidfielderNO18
 25042 ALBERT   javonMaleMay Day UnitedManchester FAdefenderNO28
 31925 ALCOCK   sheldonMaleGreenvale UnitedManchester FAUNKNOWNNO18
 23506(T) (D)ALCOTT   loshaneMaleSavannah FCWestmoreland FAUNKNOWNNO27
 24142 ALDER   juniorMaleRacing FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES34
 35863 ALDRED   kevaughMaleEwarton FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNNO20
 26761 ALDRIDGE   dervonMaleRio United Sports ClubPortland FAmidfielderYES30
 10939 ALDRIDGE   leonardMaleRio United Sports ClubPortland FAmidfielderYES31
 38565(T) ALDRIDGE   maquanMaleBull Bay FCKSAFAmidfielderYES16
 35490 ALDRIDGE   norrisMaleRockfort FCKSAFAforwardYES20
 26535 ALDRIDGE   paulMaleDowns FCManchester FAdefenderNO21
 8804 ALDRIDGE   renaldoMaleCentral Kingston FCKSAFAforwardNO21
 30487(T) ALEXANDER   alexMaleDuhaney Park FCKSAFAmidfielderYES17
 24341 ALEXANDER   alwayneMalePolice FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES31
 28363 ALEXANDER   asprelliaMaleTivoli Gardens FCKSAFAforwardNO19
 20896 ALEXANDER   barringtonMaleSpring Village FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES29
 23542(T) (D)ALEXANDER   damionMaleSavannah FCWestmoreland FAUNKNOWNNO26
 31595 ALEXANDER   davidMalePorus FCManchester FAUNKNOWNNO20
 13678 ALEXANDER   devroyMaleTurners F.CClarendon FAforwardNO27
 22103 ALEXANDER   howardMaleMolynes United FCKSAFAmidfielderNO22
 34443 ALEXANDER   jahvaughnMaleComfort FCManchester FAmidfielderNO19
 15480 ALEXANDER   jamalMaleArnett Gardens FCKSAFAdefenderYES22
 8409 ALEXANDER   jovaniMaleAllman/Woodford FCKSAFAforwardNO24
 35213(T) ALEXANDER   justinMaleArnett Gardens FCKSAFAforwardYES19
 17376 ALEXANDER   kemarMaleFarm UnitedSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES24
 18505 ALEXANDER   kenroyMaleNew Roadsville FCClarendon FAdefenderNO27
 34239 ALEXANDER   kirkMaleStar Zone AcademyManchester FAmidfielderNO30
 5837(T) ALEXANDER   kyleMaleLiguanea United FCKSAFAdefenderYES27
 18864 ALEXANDER   lacelMaleWhite Horses UpliftmentSt.Thomas FAmidfielderNO33
 1236 ALEXANDER   maharshMaleReal Mona FCKSAFAmidfielderYES36
 21841 ALEXANDER   markinoMaleCentral Kingston FCKSAFAdefenderYES22
 34374 ALEXANDER   marlonMaleCentral Kingston FCKSAFAUNKNOWNYES21
 40698 ALEXANDER   nicoliMaleReal Mona FCKSAFAdefenderYES13
 42928 ALEXANDER   nicoliMaleCentral Kingston FCKSAFAdefenderYES13
 17988 ALEXANDER   onielMaleViolet Kickers FCSt. James FAmidfielderNO43
 19007 ALFORD   davidMaleLysson United FCSt.Thomas FAgoalkeeperNO27
 3292 ALFRED   dushaneMaleMaxfield Park FCKSAFAdefenderNO27
 7671 ALGERBA   jacobMaleStony Hill FCKSAFAforwardNO27
 13392 ALLACE   andreMaleCherry Tree F.CClarendon FAmidfielderNO27
 21668 ALLEN   ackeemMaleFederal FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES23
 34642 ALLEN   adamMaleCrosskeys FCManchester FAforwardYES18
 4910 (*) ALLEN   adrian MaleDuhaney Park FCKSAFAmidfielderNO25
 26325(T) ALLEN   akeemMaleGeorges Valley FCManchester FAforwardNO20
 33204 ALLEN   akeemMaleStony Hill FCKSAFAmidfielderNO19
 39474 ALLEN   akeemMaleRed Hills United FCKSAFAforwardYES24
 41401 ALLEN   akenoMaleLiguanea United FCKSAFAmidfielderYES15
 13547(T) ALLEN   alexMaleLongwood F.CClarendon FAforwardNO29
 6330(T) ALLEN   alexieMaleStony Hill FCKSAFAforwardNO22
 22515 ALLEN   aliciaMaleSt. Catherine NorthSt. Catherine FAforwardYES22
 35154(T) ALLEN   aljayMaleRivoli United FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNYES15
 36049 ALLEN   alleandroMaleConstant Spring FCKSAFAUNKNOWNYES17
 12437 ALLEN   allozueaMaleUjama CCPortland FAmidfielderYES28
 9208 ALLEN   ameerMaleSwallowfield FCKSAFAdefenderYES19
 2691 ALLEN   andreMaleHillstars FCManchester FAdefenderYES32
 11194 ALLEN   andreMaleWatson Grove FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES35
 7298 ALLEN   andreMaleSporting CentralClarendon FAforwardNO32
 15016 ALLEN   andreMaleWaterhouse FCKSAFAdefenderYES28
 16160 ALLEN   andreMaleVillage Lynx FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES25
 25072 ALLEN   andreMaleMike Town YCManchester FAmidfielderNO25
 34231 ALLEN   andreMaleKnollis FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES30
 7822(T) ALLEN   andrewMaleHarbour View FCKSAFAmidfielderYES27
 41768 ALLEN   andrewMaleBucknor UnitedClarendon FAUNKNOWNNO22
 1737 ALLEN   anthonyMaleGayle FCClarendon FAmidfielderNO36
 41440 ALLEN   antoineilMaleSantos FCKSAFAdefenderYES13
 12660 ALLEN   arlingtonMaleFellowship CCPortland FAgoalkeeperYES35
 23996(T) ALLEN   aundraMaleHillstars FCManchester FAmidfielderNO32
 12438 ALLEN   aviellMaleUjama CCPortland FAmidfielderYES29
 12439(T) ALLEN   ayonMaleExchange Utd.St. Ann FAdefenderYES33
 37392 ALLEN   azorroMaleCrosskeys FCManchester FAdefenderYES18
 28874 ALLEN   blakeMaleAlbion UnitedManchester FAmidfielderNO31
 3989 ALLEN   bradleyMaleWaterhouse FCKSAFAgoalkeeperNO26
 2703 ALLEN   brandonMaleWood Hall FCClarendon FAdefenderNO20
 29861 ALLEN   brandonMaleManchester AcademyManchester FAmidfielderNO19
 33083 ALLEN   brandonMale3 West FCSt. Catherine FAgoalkeeperNO20
 41680 ALLEN   brandonMaleEdgewater FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNYES18
 11896(T) ALLEN   brianMalePortmore United FCSt. Catherine FAforwardNO24
 25223 ALLEN   bryanMaleWood Hall FCClarendon FAmidfielderNO24
 38587 ALLEN   careyMaleAllman/Woodford FCKSAFAforwardYES14
 2076(T) ALLEN   carlingtonMaleLongwood F.CClarendon FAgoalkeeperNO40
 15356 ALLEN   carlosMaleWindsor Lions FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES21
 23367 ALLEN   cavinMaleFederal FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES44
 19952 ALLEN   chadMaleBlack Lion FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES26
 32848 ALLEN   chavorMaleSeaview Gardens FCKSAFAdefenderYES18
 3803 ALLEN   claudeMaleReal Mona FCKSAFAdefenderYES27
 3143 ALLEN   collinMaleSeaview Gardens FCKSAFAdefenderNO34
 1150(T) ALLEN   conroyMaleAllman/Woodford FCKSAFAforwardYES35
 31713(T) ALLEN   corvelMaleNew Green CCManchester FAmidfielderNO19
 28667 ALLEN   courtneyMaleSouth Star YCManchester FAforwardNO29
 23301 ALLEN   damaineMalePembroke Hall FCKSAFAmidfielderYES20
 24794 ALLEN   damianMaleSouth Star YCManchester FAdefenderYES33
 7331 ALLEN   damionMaleWood Hall FCClarendon FAdefenderNO29
 11533 (*) ALLEN   damionMaleWanderes FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES35
 13119 ALLEN   damionMaleD.B.Basovak FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES29
 23740(T) ALLEN   damionMaleTredegor Park FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES35
 24833 ALLEN   damionMaleSouth Star YCManchester FAdefenderNO33
 34885 ALLEN   damionMaleNorwich CCPortland FAdefenderYES20
 1849 ALLEN   daneMaleWood Hall FCClarendon FAmidfielderNO40
 26205 ALLEN   daneMaleBlue Mountain FCManchester FAdefenderNO23
 19343 ALLEN   danielMaleNew Kingston FCKSAFAdefenderYES24
 20277 ALLEN   danielMaleWillodwale FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES26
 17650 (D)ALLEN   danielleFemaleHarbour View FCKSAFAforwardNO26
 36804 ALLEN   darrenMaleRae Town FCKSAFAUNKNOWNYES14
 22689(T) ALLEN   davainMaleFederal FCSt. Catherine FAmidfielderYES29
 13120 ALLEN   davianMaleD.B.Basovak FCSt. Catherine FAdefenderYES27
 42265 ALLEN   davontaMaleKnollis FCSt. Catherine FAUNKNOWNNO14

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